How to Cheat Electronic Pull Tabs?

How to Cheat Electronic Pull Tabs?

Pull tab games have been developed significantly over the past few years. Electronic pull tabs can help the player to win the game you’re playing in the casino or online. Here is how you can cheat the electronic pull tab and other related information. 

What are electronic pull tabs?

Electronic pull tabs are found in bars, casinos, and other establishments. It is a kind of electronic gambling game. In this game, there is a screen that comprises different pull tabs that players are playing to reveal a prize virtually. 

The game is developed to be random and fair, as each pull tab has the opportunity with an equal chance of winning. Still, some people want to cheat the system and win by unfair means.  

How can you Pull Electronic Pull Tab?

The most common way of cheating the pull tab is by manipulating the game result with the help of a device. For example, the player may use a tool that can preclude that sensor on the screen, obstructing registering a losing pull. 

Playing like this increases the probability of winning the game compared to playing fairly. Though it is illegal, players might face severe consequences.

Another way of cheating the electronic pull tab is by tampering with the game’s software. There are ways players can access the game code and ultimately increase their chances of winning. However, this is also illegal and against the law. 


Well, by pulling the electronic pull tab, you can increase your chance of winning and make playing the game easy. Beginners and people who don’t want to lose will be happy to use electronic pull tabs. But always remember it is illegal and can face harsh consequences. It is suggested not to do gambling more than to lose your affordability.

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